Fumbly Stuff produces and resells unique and interesting hardware products. Our passion is making things, usually with some sort of computer or electronics inside. We offer them here for you to use in your projects and to make your making easier.

Our products are kits or components built from our own projects. As we build things, we identify unique hardware you can't find elsewhere.


Our premier product is the Remote Notify hardware device (available soon on Kickstarter).


Fumbly Stuff is the brainchild of John M. Wargo. He's been making electronic and microcontroller projects for decades, and the company provides an outlet for some of his more interesting projects plus gives him a venue for reselling unique and hard to find project components.

Fumbly Stuff is a sister company to [Fumbly Diddle Software]( which produces mobile applications (both standalone apps and apps that work with Fumbly Stuff hardware devices).